Water Cross

Water Cross

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This gilded cross is adorned with deep blue and turquoise hand sewn crystals composed in a stately cross design. Accompanied with a host of Ivory pearls in varying sizes, this charming "Cross Piece" (not Jesus piece) will keep you fashionably protected. Water Cross's design was inspired by sacred rituals that occur near or in water, to honor all phases of life.  

The Water Cross mask is a suitable shade for any skin tone, but is most fitting for a brighter tone. It is made for an adult and features adjustable ear loops for a more custom fit. It also features three layers of tightly woven, yet breathable cotton fabric, a pocket for a filter of your choice, and is suitable to wear wherever required. The Nude Peach Cross mask is designed to contour your face, for a better fit and a more tailored look.


Width at widest point: 6 inches          Length: 9 inches