Mahogany Margarite Face Mask

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The Mahogany Margarite face mask is regal and absolutely fit for a Queen. She is adorned with gorgeous white crystals and an array of majestic pearls in varying sizes. The design was inspired by royalty uniting with nature, as the majesty of nobility is gracefully paired with elements in nature (i.e. flowers, blooms, plants, etc.) The glittery white crystals are punctuated with petite pearls which adds softness and femininity. The LLONNELLE signature pearl motif appears in symmetrical placements on either side of the face mask.

Mahogany Margarite is not only built for beauty, she is built for safety as well. This mask is made of three layers of tightly woven cotton fabric and is comfortable and breathable. It features a pocket on the inside that can hold a filter of your choice for added protection. Adjustable ear loops provide a customizable fit for added convenience. Mahogany Margarite is suitable for various skin tones, but most closely matches a deep shade of brown.


Length: 6 inches          Width: 9 inches 

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