Golden Almond Drop Face Mask

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She is perfectly balanced, not over done, but with just enough charisma to put a gleam in the eye. The Golden Almond Drop mask was inspired by nature, specifically by the eye on a peacock feather. A choir of golden colored crystals congregate together in a pleasing punctuation of glamour and refinement. The alluring arrangement of the golden motifs present is attractive and perfectly defines Golden Almond Drop. 

She is not only made to be beautiful, but is made to be safe as well. Golden Almond Drop is made of triple layer of tightly woven cotton fabric. Breathable and light weight, this mask is comfortable to wear and is designed to contour your face. Adjustable ear loops provide a customizable fit for added convenience. Golden Almond Drop is suitable for various skin tones, but is closely matches a medium-deep brown shade.


Length: 6 inches          Width: 9 inches