Copper Pearl Eye Face Mask

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A triad of pearl rings/eyes decorate the Copper Pearl Eye face mask in a feminine and delicate pattern. Clear crystal gems are paired with semi-petite pearl beads a in hand sewn circular shape on either side of the face mask. Another ring of pearls is located in the lower center of the mask and is comprised of the same semi-petite pearls and a slightly larger pearl that creates a subtle shift in size and movement. A clear crystal sits gracefully a top a pearl to crown the third ring. An even larger pearl sits harmoniously in the center of each pearl ring, creating an eye-like appearance that makes this face mask completely unique from the other masks in the "Nude Face Mask Collection".

Copper Pearl Eye face mask is suitable for many different skin tones, but most closely compliments a medium-deep complexion. Adjustable ear loops provide a comfortable and convenient fit, and the attached pocket can fit an appropriately sized filter of your choice.


Length: 6 Inches          Width: 9 Inches