Cinnamon Pearl Rings Face Mask

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Cinnamon Pearl Rings is sweet, classy, and is a mix of traditional and organic designs. Golden colored crystals and gems compliment the smooth, opaque pearls that alternate in size and shape around the hand sewn ring, create a enjoyable visual rhythm and balance. An additional golden crystal gracefully sits atop a small pearl at the pinnacle of the design, while a matching clear crystal sits harmoniously in the center of the ring. Each half of the face mask features a lovely sparkling ring, in a classic LLONNELLE symmetrical style. Inspired in part by bamboo earrings from the 90's that the Fly Girls wore back in the day, but mixed with a touch of classical art studies; Cinnamon Pearl Rings face mask brings so much charisma to the face mask canvas. 

Cinnamon Pearl Rings face mask comes in a shade of brown that is suitable for a diverse array of skin tones, but most closely compliments a medium-deep complexion. This face mask features adjustable ear loops for a custom and convenient fit, as well as a perfect inside pocket for a filter of your choice.


Length: 6 Inches          Width: 9 Inches