Nude Masks Inspired by Beyoncé/Melanin

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Brown skin girl, 

Your skin just like pearls

The best thing in the World

I'll never trade you for anybody else..

"Brown Skin Girl" sung by Beyoncé directly inspired the new spring 2021 Nude Collection of face masks from LLONNELLE. The inspiration is effortless and noticeable from the use of various shades of brown cotton fabric that reflect skin tones ranging from a light, peachy beige, to a deep, dark, chocolate brown. Petite, spherical pearls are found throughout the collection, delicately decorating it's own mask with a lovely design that radiates majesty and self love. That is really what this collection is intended for; a love of self and an appreciation of melanin and all of the amazing properties it provides. 

( A Fun Fact About Melanin: It acts like a sunscreen, protecting you from the UV waves from the sun reducing your chance of developing skin cancer.)

A total of 11 face masks makes their debut in the new Nude Face Mask Collection by LLONNELLE. LLONNELLE is a brand that specializes in high quality, hand crafted wearable and artistic items. With this collection, we present thoughtful and creative face masks that can not only match your skin tone, but also provides a high level of protection and breathability. Each mask features a pocket that is suitable for a filter of your choice, as well as adjustable ear loops to provide a comfortable and customizable fit. 

Celebrate your skin's melanin, no matter what level you were born with, and you too can have "skin like pearls" or in this case, wear the pearls and jewels on your face, with a brand new nude face mask by LLONNELLE.

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