Face Masks: 3 Things a High Quality Fabric Mask Should Have

Posted by Audrey Weatherby on

Ever since March 2020, when we entered the infamous moment of quarantine, face masks have become a crucial staple in our daily lives. Once the call went out, seamstresses of all levels began making face masks for their families, friends and neighbors. Research was provided for us to make high quality and effective reusable face masks. In the list below, I break down 3 important features your fabric face mask should have to provide you with the best security possible. 

It has been proven that fabric masks are effective against the spread of germs and particles in the air. However, not all masks are created equal and provide various levels of protection, ranging from little to none, to a very high amount. Here are three things a high quality fabric mask should have.

1. Cotton Fabric: 100% cotton fabric with a high thread count provides the best coverage against airborne particles the size of your average germ. During testing done by scientists, it was discovered that at least 2 layers of cotton fabric tested the most effective up against a kitchen towel or any other fabric.

2. Interfacing: Interfacing is apart of the "melt woven" fabric family; the same family as the N95 medical grade masks. Although it is not the same fabric, it is suitable for your high quality fabric mask, and provides an extra level of protection.

3. Proper  Fit: Proper fit is the make or break between germs entering your space easily or not. Your mask should contour your nose, cheeks and under your chin comfortably. The sides should not gape open at all. 

If you are on the prowl for a high quality face mask that fits all of these requirements and more, shop the beautiful and well made face masks at www.llonnelle.com.

LLONNELLE offers a wide range of colorful and unique face masks for adults, petite adults, children, and toddlers. Not only do they have all of the qualities listed above, they also come with a pocket for any type of filter that you desire. They are machine washable and are heavy duty, yet breathable. LLONNELLE also provided face masks to essential workers and package handlers who were on the front lines during the early days of the corona virus outbreak.

Protect yourself and your family today with a LLONNELLE face mask. Shop now!

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